About the Vineyard

The Dexter Vineyard is in a small east/west valley. The evening sea breezes from Port Phillip Bay, Westernport Bay and Bass Strait helps moderate the local climate. The vineyard was set out to maximise its qualities and specific site. Planted on the north facing slope, it allows for maximum sunlight interception. This is most important in cool regions as it results in even sunlight on both sides of the vine allowing for even ripening. The slope also provides good natural drainage in the wet seasons. The shallow soil helps in controlling vine growth, resulting in open vine canopies and again even ripening. The site is well protected from the cold southerly winds which is important for protection of the vines during critical stages of ripening.

Growing premium fruit has always been the ultimate aim. Row spacing (2.5 metres) and vine spacing (1.5 metres) optimize the interception of sunlight by the vines and allows a good ratio of fruit weight to leaf surface area. This promotes even ripening and good balanced fruit. The first planting was one clone each of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Subsequent plantings have resulted in 3.54 hectares of each variety and a multitude of clones.